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wood paneling in the bathroom (Read 684 times)
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Re: wood paneling in the bathroom
Reply #1 - Jun 23rd, 2016, 8:03am
It's unlikely that the wood cladding would keep all the water away from the wall, no matter what finish you put on it, and water does so much damage I would be very reluctant to use it in a shower.

I think you have two options, take baths, or clad the cladding with something impervious to water. A cheaper option would be to get some acrylic sheet but if you want it to last a while and look good there are sheet materials made specifically for cladding showers which are now available from most bathroom showrooms. There are two main types, one a laminated plywood, and a plastic version with no core, I would think you would be better off with the plastic version. These aren't cheap but look good and you should be able to make a professional finish without too much work.
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wood paneling in the bathroom
Jun 23rd, 2016, 2:23am
Hi there,

Looking for advice with regards to a bathroom that on all walls has wood cladding.

We can't really afford to update the bathroom yet so we're looking for the cheapest option which we believe is to paint the cladding to update the bathroom a little. However the sticking ground is that the bath has a shower over it and we're wondering if it would be okay to paint the cladding and make sure its properly sealed around the bath and would that stop water getting thru to the walls?

What sort of paint and primer should we use? I gather cladding esp for a shower is not ideal but we don't really have the money to fully tile at the minute.

Thanks for any help and advise in advance  Smiley
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