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Message started by L.Spark on Jan 5th, 2005, 12:25pm

Title: Welcome to the DIY Electrical Section
Post by L.Spark on Jan 5th, 2005, 12:25pm

Welcome To The DIY Electrical Forum

If you are not from the UK please use any advice given to you with caution, since the information may not be appropriate to the country you reside in. Ask The Trades will not be held liable for any harm that may arise from information or advice given that you choose to follow.

Most members on Ask The Trades are based in the UK, if you follow advice from this forum outside of the UK it may be non-compliant to your countries regulations or just plain dangerous! - If your in any doubt it would be helpful to let us know which country you are from when asking for help!.

January 2005 saw the introduction of a new part to the building regulations, known as part-p 'electrical safety in dwellings', this places legal duty on the person requiring electrical work undertaken to ensure they use a registered electrician, or alternative notify the council in advance of any work being carried out. The council will then inspect the installers work to ensure it is in compliance with electrical & building regulations. For more information about this law and how it may affect you please click on the link below [url];action=display;num=1104927928]DIY Electrical Work And The Law[/url].

[glb]Thanks for joining & Great to have you here![/glb]

If you are trade and would like access to the trade only talk rooms, please make an application using the Trade Applications Form, and one of the admin will let you through if enough information is provided.

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