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Message started by Ell48 on Oct 18th, 2021, 1:16pm

Title: Converting window to door?
Post by Ell48 on Oct 18th, 2021, 1:16pm

Converting window to door & glazier response was the builder has to cut out the wall ( I know that part)  then they will measure & fit the door?

Doesn't a glazier need to measure where the builder will cut then on the day of the builders doing it the door will be ready to be fitted and the glazier can install same day the builders doing the job?

What am I missing here?

Title: Re: Converting window to door?
Post by woodsmith on Oct 19th, 2021, 8:38am

There needs to be some trust between the builder and the glazier. If the builder makes the hole slightly out and the door won’t fit, the glazier would take the financial hit.

You should be able to find a builder who will do the complete job, you don’t really need to get a glazier to fit a door and frame. However if you want a particular door that you can only get from this glazier then you could get the builder to cut the hole, make good and then temporarily board the opening to make it secure.

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