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Message started by fazzini on May 6th, 2022, 11:29am

Title: Advice/Opinion re plumbing work
Post by fazzini on May 6th, 2022, 11:29am

Hi. Looking for some advice/opinion from professionals on an issue that is 'resolved' but I'm not 100% sure it is fully and am now worried it could return.

Long story short, we have had a 1st floor radiator that has never worked properly since we bought the house 11 years ago - barely noticeably warm when CH on full blast. New combi fitted 5 years ago and power flushed at that time. All other rads work absolutely fine.

We had it checked out and the company (heating & plumbing company who normally service our boiler) said that they would need a plumber to come and sort. After 3 hours of lifting floors and trying to unblock solid 'stuff' from the microbore pipes, the plumber stated that it needed to be re-piped from the tee to the radiator.
A mate and I lifted the floors ready (to save time and therefore money) ready and the plumber returned to re-pipe and connect up/remove old knackered pipe etc. Job done and the radiator is now very hot when CH on. Great. Except when I when back and checked another day when the CH was on, the bottom of the radiator is stone cold. This suggests to me it is full of crud, probably the same stuff that blocked the pipe initially.

2 questions:

1. Would it be fair to assume that the bottom of the radiator is indeed full of crud? Needs removing and flushing out before using heating?
2. If a CH company plumber knows they are already dealing with blocked CH pipes would it be unreasonable to expect they might have checked the condition of the radiator too?

Thanks for any advice given.

Title: Re: Advice/Opinion re plumbing work
Post by woodsmith on May 7th, 2022, 7:49am

Yes it does sound like your radiator is blocked up but I would possibly replace the radiator rather than flush it out. It depends on the condition of the rad, with so much magnetite in the rad (this is basically dissolved steel from the rads) it may have worn thin. Look for any external signs of rusting along the seams at the bottom of the rad and if in doubt replace.

It’s a difficult call when you are working on a job, I often spot other things wrong but rarely say anything unless it looks desperate. Customers can think that you are looking to inflate the costs for them.

With your system, especially with it having already been blocked, it would be wise to fit a system filter like a Magnaclean if you don’t already have one.

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