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Tiling around sockets (Read 11095 times)

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Tiling around sockets
Jul 8th, 2005, 11:06am
HI,  I am finishing a tiling job but am having trouble with teh sockets. Firdt problem is that when screwing teh cosket in, teh retaining wing is ringed..i.e teh screw is not catching. The box is a msonary box in a plsterboard wall (cowboy electrician did not use dry lining boxes) and cannot be removed. I was thinking of just filling teh whole box with filler or expanable foam and then just screwing the socket into it...Any Suggestions..

Second problem is that the tiles are 2 inch square. The last full tiles are aound 1 inch form the socket so this means teh next ones to be cut need to be about 1 inch wide to allow teh socket to home in. Problem is taht around teh socket box in teh wall is badly damaged and very little left for the tiles to stick to.  Again I was thinking about filling in with polyfilla, have the wires poking out and continue like that...anll suggestions welcome....

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