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Home made kitchens and windows advice (Read 22692 times)
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Re: Home made kitchens and windows advice
Reply #1 - Sep 13th, 2010, 11:58am
You won’t make your own windows and get them cleared by Building Control. The new Regs for Part L & F come in next month, October.

See here for a lengthy discussion…

Which more or less starts here (about a third of the way through the posts)..



But basically, look at the new Regs, available here…


(The lengthy discussion on this forum took place in the 'Trade' section, which isn't open to the general public, but more or less follows the ebuild threads, a forum more overtly concerned with planning issues than this one, which is of a more practical bent.)
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Home made kitchens and windows advice
Sep 13th, 2010, 9:47am

I'm at the early stages of building my own house and whilst some tasks are very much left to the pros there's a number of tasks that I'm looking forward to giving a go myself. I'm not going to try and kid myself but I really believe that a good part of the tasks ahead is to make sure I have the correct tools to do the job. This being the case I'm looking to set up a small workshop where I'll be making a kitchen and even having a go at making some timber windows and doors.

I've looked into costs of certain tools and also the final costs to have pro produced products but only very briefly so this is where I need advice from you guys who are already experienced.

A jeldwen pine window glazed for 1800mm x 1200mm in the style I'm looking at is around £500 (small discount with a builders merchants). The quality of these windows are a little rough around the edges. Similar prices for the Magnet Trade windows.

A mayport oak double sliding sash effect (top hung) of similar sizes comes in around £1100. I've never seen these but I'd assume that they'd be much better than the jeldwen.

What would you say are the costs of materials, softwood and hardwood to make up a similar windows?

I'd say for the Jeldwen I'd be looking at over £10,000 with the discounts for my house (£20,000+ for the Oak which is just toooo much for me).

Same with the kitchens. I'm looking at beaded face frames, raised panel doors, to be painted so MDF maybe (?) with a solid cabinet (wood suggestions - beech ply maybe?). I'm planning a huge 3.6m x 2.4m central island with a 4m larder storage over the fridges and a 5m straight run with a mantel over the range. I've seen off the shelf prices for similar for £420/linM making the cost around £10,000+ for our kitchen.

Again, what would you say the costs are for materials to make it myself?

I'd assume a cost £3,000 - £4,000 for the workshop buying decent used gear (£500 table saw, £500 planer/thicknesser etc this kind of price range) so factoring this in what kind of savings can I realistically make?

Any thoughts or realistic advice?
(please try to keep it positive otherwise don't bother..... I already know I'm an idiot but an idiot with drive and determination!)
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