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Painting a wooden house. (Read 983 times)
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Re: Painting a wooden house.
Reply #1 - Mar 16th, 2016, 8:18am
Hi Glen,

Firstly power washing, this can work like magic removing paint but it will also remove any softish timber, at best it will leave the wood very riven, at worst it will cut through the wood like butter. It also drives water deep into the timber which can cause it to cup and warp, so yes it will probably remove the paint but at a big risk.

I would think a random orbit sander with a 120 grit abrasive would be your best bet at removing the paint, Mirka abrasive pads are the best as they do not tend to get clogged with paint but they are expensive and you need a special backing pad to go between the abrasive and the machine as they don't stick well to the Velcro on most sanders. Otherwise a hot air gun may work, some paints come away easily with heat whilst others seem almost unaffected.

As for paint I would contact the manufactures technical department, Sikkens are one of the best and produce a big range of specialist paints and finishes, I met a decorator whilst on holiday at the coast and it was the only paint he would use.

Another paint you could possibly consider is Osmo Country Colours, this is an oil based paint that soaks into the wood and I have used it in some exposed locations where it has fared well, but I have no idea how it would cope with coastal conditions, again a call to Osmo may be helpful.

I hope this helps
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Painting a wooden house.
Mar 15th, 2016, 9:51pm
Hi all, Newbie to the forum ..
I'm looking for advice regarding painting the exterior of semi - detached wooden house .House is situated fairly high above a sea loch in the Western Highlands of Scotland probably the wettest and windiest place in Britain , it can rain here for 2 weeks and often we have over 100mph winds ..
House is already painted white on horizontal cladding , it is slightly flaking and bubbled in places(almost sand blasted i guess with the weather ) and is a 2 storey unit with gable end . Given the size of the areas needing paint I'm looking for a hopefully quicker solutions!
From what i can see on the net is : scrape , sand , fill with wood filler ,sand and  prime and coat ?
I was wondering is there any way I can cut down on the labour involved here such as primer and exterior coat in one paint or any other short cuts .Also I read that power washing is not advised then it is ! ? Which types of paint , filler , methods of preparation? Given my location I don't mind paying a premium price for decent paint that will last years , thanks in advance for any advice .
cheers Glenn.
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