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Can't get two dimmers to work independently-help! (Read 805 times)
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Can't get two dimmers to work independently-help!
Jun 3rd, 2016, 3:01pm
Have just moved to Germany (don’t yet speak German) and am trying to replace double-gang rocker switch plate with a Busch Dimmer. The current set-up (see photos) has a double face-plate connected by a single frame. The top face-plate is a double-gang rocker switch which turns living-room light on/off (where now only 1 switch is being used; the other was for another set of lights, no longer in use), the lower face plate is a rotary dimmer which controls the lights in the kitchen.
So, I want to replace the double-rocker switch with another Busch dimmer. I went and bought the same type of Busch dimmer as the existing one that controls the kitchen lights and tried to fit it.
Problem (please see photo: Wiring of both Dimmers): I now have the new rotary dimmer fitted for the living-room; it switches on/off and dims fine. The Dimmer for the kitchen also switches on/off and dims fine.
So what’s the problem? When both Dimmers are switched on, if you turn the living-room Dimmer OFF it ALSO switches Kitchen Dimmer OFF. So you can’t have the kitchen Dimmer on without having the living-room Dimmer on also.
I have checked with a volt meter, and of the 2 black wires, only 1 was coming-up as hot, and that is the wire I placed in the top dimmer with the 1-yellow wire. Please see photo. The hot wire is marked with black/brown/orange.
As you can see (barely) each dimmer has 4 symbols above terminal; 2 in the middle are marked incoming arrows; 1 on your right is out-going arrow; and 1 on far left is cross.
As the photo shows there are 3-wires going into top (living-room) Dimmer: the 1-hot black/brown/orange wire (originally just black) going into the incoming arrow terminal; and the Brown traveller wire going into the outgoing arrow terminal ( and connecting to the bottom Dimmer’s cross-hairs terminal).
The bottom Dimmer has just 2-wires going into it. A black wire going to the incoming arrow terminal, and the Brown traveller wire going into the cross-hairs terminal. This wiring works perfectly well for the rocker switch and the bottom Dimmer but not for both Dimmers.
I have tried several combinations of wires but to no avail; I have also posted this recently on 8 forums but had no help. Does this make sense (I feel like such an idiot!) Many Thanks in advance for your help. Max
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