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Blocked toilet (Read 698 times)
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Re: Blocked toilet
Reply #1 - Feb 26th, 2017, 9:11am
This may well be salts and lime that have built up in the bend, I've seen toilets with a good 25mm of hard deposit leaving just a small hole to let the water through. These build up over time and if you are eco friendly and don't flush the loo with every pee they build up much quicker.

The build up is hard, in fact very hard, and in my experience you won't remove it with a rod or chemicals. The only way I've found is to take out the fixings, normally two screws in the foot of the pan and two in the cistern and disconnect the water and overflow pipe if you have one,and pull the toilet away from the walll. You will then have to chip away very carefully at the deposit. It's not a nice job, rubber gloves and something disposable on the floor are a must. Oh, and I'd flush the toilet with some bleach a few times before starting.

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Blocked toilet
Feb 25th, 2017, 5:28pm
After every use, my toilet does not flush properly and becomes partially blocked with the water going down slowly. I can usually unblock it fully, eventually, by pouring water into the toilet or by partial rodding (this is very difficult as the shape of the ubend seems odd to me as it empties into a 90 degree turn in the waste pipe so its virtually impossible to bend the rod to that angle) Once unblocked it will be ok until the next time waste is in the toilet or a lot of paper. We never use wet wipes so I know that isn't to blame
I also know the underground pipe into the main sewer isn't blocked as I have checked it several times. Any help would be fantastic and I would be very grateful.
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