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Dec 3rd, 2023, 5:05am
Quote: If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

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Not the foggiest ... (Read 7170 times)
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Crowborough, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Crowborough, East Sussex
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Not the foggiest ...
Oct 25th, 2019, 3:23pm
Man attends doctors with a rash. Doctor examines said rash, on both upper thighs, remarking as he does so that - in all the time he's been a GP - he's never seen such a brown pair of testicles.

"I'm not here about them," the man replies, "I want to get rid of this rash." The Doc tells the man that the rash is caused by not properly rinsing the biological washing powder from his underpants, so that when he perspires, the biological enzymes in the powder residue attack his skin. He prescribes an anti-biotic cream and sends him on his way.

On arriving home, he remonstrates with his wife, telling her that she's not washing his underwear properly. She takes severe umbrage at this and says "Don't you always get a full breakfast before work and a meal on the table when you come in?" Confused, he can't see how that's relevant. She continues "You haven't the foggiest idea what I have to do between those times, do you?" He admits he doesn't, but still can't see the relevance.

She digs in again: "Once you've left, I've got to get the little one up and off to school after her breakfast. Then the oldest comes down. Does she want the same food - oh, no, something completely different! Once she's left, I get myself off to work, returning to deal with the youngest's lunch. Off I go, back to work, until it's time to meet her from school and get her tea ready. Madam gets in around 5.15, another different meal, then I've your dinner to cook. Besides all that, every week I have to do the shopping, dusting, vacuuming, gardening, washing and ironing as well as visiting your Mother. I haven't got time to wipe my arse properly!"

The husbands replies: "Yes - that's ANOTHER thing I want to have a word with you about!"
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