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Jun 21st, 2024, 10:26pm
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Paramount Partition Wall issue (Read 2014 times)

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Paramount Partition Wall issue
May 10th, 2022, 10:48am
Hi folks looking for some help as this issue has now started to take the p*** out of my wife and I and we are seriously challenged budget wise. Following a leak, we decided to have our living room ceiling re-boarded and the room skimmed to give us a nice finish to decorate. On one internal wall only, the new plaster skim was blown. Plasterer came back and sorted the patch. Decorator came and as he was finishing that wall with first mist coat a different area of plaster came off. Plasterer returned again and as he was re-skimming that wall the plaster, along with several layers of paint started to literally peel off the wall. I can see what I believe is the original layer of matt white paint and this is not stuck to the drywall either.

I had considered removing the plasterboard on the face of this wall and replacing before skimming again to solve the problem once and for all. However, it appears that I have Paramount partition walls (egg-box) so this may not be possible.

I cant overboard as the weight would be too much - the wall seems to have no studs etc to fix too, and would also involve getting a plumber for the rad pipes, sparky for sockets and light switch, joiner for door frame etc. plus the flooring is (very nice) laminate through the entire ground floor and once taken up is not replaceable. We just don't have the money.

Can anyone suggest an alternative solution as we cant afford to replace the whole wall with a proper stud wall, and this would impact the kitchen and staircase etc on the other side of the wall also? The wall is currently very patchy/rough/uneven finish as the plasterer had to scrape off the fresh skim he was applying as best he could.

This has got us completely stressed as all we wanted was a nice finish for our home. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Paramount Partition Wall issue
Reply #1 - May 13th, 2022, 8:40am
Difficult to say without seeing the problem first hand but I would have thought you could overboard the Paramount with 9.5mm plasterboard. There is no need to use screws if it’s bonded with either plasterboard bonding adhesive, or perhaps better but more expensive, plasterboard adhesive foam. The boards could probably rest on top of the skirting and butt up to the door architrave. Normally there will be enough wire in the switches and sockets to allow the fitting to be moved forward 10mm and the rad should move without much problem. I would think this would be your easiest solution which gives you a permanent fix.
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