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Message started by Hussam on Sep 20th, 2018, 11:41pm

Title: wall tiling
Post by Hussam on Sep 20th, 2018, 11:41pm


I have a concrete wall that's already painted , but I would like to tile because the wall is only half tiled, is it possible to tile it with no prep to the wall?

the tiles are only needed so the wall would be evened so the kitchen cabinets could be installed easily .

Title: Re: wall tiling
Post by woodsmith on Sep 21st, 2018, 9:37am

If you are only levelling the wall to fit wall cabinets rather than tile the whole wall you could just fit packers (100x100mm ply to the thickness of the tiles under where you will fit the mounting brackets.

But back to your original question, it's normally better to remove the paint. Two things to try, first get some duct tape and stick a 300mm length to the wall, rub it on hard and leave it for half an hour. If you can pull it of without taking any paint off with it then wet a section of the wall, leave it for a few minutes and then wet again. Get a scraper, the type that fit a Stanley blade work well, and try to scrape the paint off. It quite often comes off very easily. If after this the paint is still intact you can just roughen the surface with a very coarse sandpaper before sealing the wall, use the sealant recommended on the tile adhesive, not PVA. If either of these processes lifts the paint you would need to remove all the paint before sealing and tiling.

Title: Re: wall tiling
Post by Hussam on Sep 21st, 2018, 12:41pm

THANK YOU for your help !!!!

could you please post a picture of the fit packers ?

Title: Re: wall tiling
Post by woodsmith on Sep 22nd, 2018, 10:07am

You would just make your own packers. Measure the thickness of the tiles from the wall, this will be about 6-8mm normally. Then you need to source something to that thickness, it doesn't need to be exact the wall unit mounting brackets will allow for some adjustment so I usually use plywood. You can buy small sheets from B&Q for instance. Then mark on the wall exactly where the cabinet will fit and glue, with Gripfil or the like, the packers to the wall so that they fit in the top corners making sure they do not project out beyond the sides of the cabinet.

Once set you can then fix the mounting brackets through the packers into the wall. When you hang the cabinets you will have a small gap down the sides but this will be covered up when you fit the decorative side panels to the wall units.

Title: Re: wall tiling
Post by Hussam on Sep 22nd, 2018, 10:15pm

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

that was a great help !!

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