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Message started by Crann on Apr 2nd, 2019, 11:04am

Title: Finish for teak window.
Post by Crann on Apr 2nd, 2019, 11:04am

I've just had a beautiful teak window and door installed and was wondering what finish to give them.

The joinery gave them a coat of teak oil. Some people varnish teak but I don't like that.

Someone suggested using a sealer. They will be exposed to strong Atlantic winds and rain. What would you suggest?  :-/

Title: Re: Finish for teak window.
Post by woodsmith on Apr 3rd, 2019, 8:35am

Teak is a naturally very durable timber and will survive for years without any treatment but teak oil doesn't do much other than make it look darker. Whatever you do don't use a sealer or a varnish, if you wanted to seal the timber then Sikkens make a range of finishes for this and I would use one of those. Otherwise Osmo UV protection oil is a good choice as it doesn't form a surface film in the same way as varnish so is much easier to maintain in the future as it will need little sanding down.

I would check that they have used teak, not many manufactures use teak these days and you need to make sure that they haven't used a less durable timber such as sapele. If they have then I would definitely use Sikkens Cetol filter 7 as a basecoat and Cetol HLS as a topcoat to the colour of your choice bearing in mind the darker the finish the more durable it is.

Title: Re: Finish for teak window.
Post by CWatters on Apr 4th, 2019, 12:59pm

While back I switched to Osmo UV protection oil on our external oak. It does seem to last better than Danish oil.

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