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Message started by HowBrow on Oct 18th, 2019, 11:51am

Title: simple problem with vinyl siding
Post by HowBrow on Oct 18th, 2019, 11:51am

I think this might be a simple question, but none of the online guides really deal with this. Say I'm going to put siding between a window and the corner of my house, and the distance between them is only two feet. So I've got the corner post to slide one end of the siding into, and the J trim to slide the other end into, but unless I use two very short pieces about a foot long only, how can I wedge ONE piece that is just a little longer than the width (2 feet) because it has to fit inside the corner post and the J trim. So if I want to put one single piece that is 2 feet and 1 inch long, inside a space that, from the outside is only two feet wide (so, one inch shorter than my piece) how do I do that? And each additional piece also has to "snap" up from underneath against the piece below. Anybody know the answer, or where I can find the answer on line? Thanks

Title: Re: simple problem with vinyl siding
Post by woodsmith on Oct 19th, 2019, 2:42am

Some siding will flex enough even on a 2ft length to spring into the channels, otherwise the front face of the channel is often flexible enough to pull out of the way. You would need to try a sample piece ideally on a warm day or at least warm the plastic up. I assume you are in the USA, there should be loads of YouTube videos on how to do this.

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