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Message started by luca on Jan 15th, 2020, 12:48pm

Title: Garden wooden fences
Post by luca on Jan 15th, 2020, 12:48pm

Hello. I have the classic wooden fences in my garden with wooden poles in between. Recently, because of foxes or the wind, one pole has given up and is leaning toward my neighbour garden.

I would like to secure it without having to involve my neighbour  :-X

Along the fences I have wooden soil beds.

I bought two hooks and some metal wire and the idea was to secure one hook on the pole, the other on the side of the soil bedding which is quite sturdy.

In my mind I would be able to loop the metal wire through the hooks and then twist it to pull the pole closer to the side of the soil wooden bedding, straightening the pole and hence the fence itself...

It kind of worked but the quality of the metal wire is not good enough, and after a few turns, it just breaks. Tried the same with rope but it snaps too.

It feels like there should be some specialised tool that fit the purpose: something that can be hooked on each side of something that you want to make closer to each other, and allows you to twist it until you reach the desired distance between the two objects.

Not sure if I managed to explain the issue well enough, but I'm open to any suggestion.


Title: Re: Garden wooden fences
Post by thescruff on Jan 15th, 2020, 10:23pm

Can you just plant a fence post your side and concrete it in then screw the panel or post to it.

Title: Re: Garden wooden fences
Post by woodsmith on Jan 16th, 2020, 8:43am

I don't think wires will help as you can only brace the fence from your side so if the wind blew from your neighbour's side the post would have no support and blow over. Adding a support post, as Scruff suggests is your best bet. It doesn't need to be the full height of the post  600mm is probably enough as long as you can get some good fixings into the old post.

Title: Re: Garden wooden fences
Post by luca on Jan 16th, 2020, 12:22pm

Thanks, I do understand the suggestion.

Though the soil bedding is pushing against the fence which is leaning towards the neighbour. So the wire solution would be good enough and would mean I can actually do it (as opposed to install a new pole which I would have to require help for).

I just don't know what to look for, i'm sure this kind of rope/straps/wire exist where you can twist/clasp/and the cord is pulled together...

Title: Re: Garden wooden fences
Post by thescruff on Jan 16th, 2020, 8:17pm

If you want to go down that road get a lifting strop, see link. You can get 1m to 4m lengths.

Title: Re: Garden wooden fences
Post by CWatters on Feb 21st, 2020, 6:26pm

I'm a bit late but..

Toolstation sells 4mm and 6mm wire rope and eyes. Breaking load for 4mm is around 1000kg and 6mm about >2000Kg. I doubt you would break that.

To tension it you could make a loop and twist it or use turnbuckles...

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