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Message started by ColinB on Mar 10th, 2022, 6:53pm

Title: New conservatory roof and windows don't line up
Post by ColinB on Mar 10th, 2022, 6:53pm

Hi first post here. I'm posting on behalf of my parents who've just paid a lot of money for a new double hipped conservatory that is pretty much fully built now. Before any building work began they received colour CAD drawings of the design-to-be and also spoke with the surveyor who went over some details with them and he personally made a point of mentioning that all the framework from the windows would align with the framework on the roof for obvious asthetical reasons... Stating that anything otherwise would look "off".

Unfortunately, the frames of the roof and the windows don't line up at all and once you know about it you notice it constantly. My mum has a keen eye for detail so it's really stressing her out but when she approached the company about it they said it's not possible to have things line up due to the position of the roof against the house and the fact that the conservatory is double hipped.

This all sounds a bit fishy to me due to the fact that nothing was picked up by the surveyor and the CAD drawings show otherwise but it's hard to know what's right and wrong in this situation so I'm hoping to get a better understanding of this.

I've attached some photos along with the CAD drawings.



Title: Re: New conservatory roof and windows don't line up
Post by Natedog on Mar 10th, 2022, 10:04pm

that would drive me insane too!   :o

presumably there was some sort of agreement  / contract signed before the work started?  if so, does it reference the cad drawings you were given?

was any of the payment made either by credit card, or as part of a credit agreement?  if so, it might be worth speaking to the credit provider as they are likely to be fairly helpful (there's a weird bit of law that makes it their problem too) so might be worth speaking to them

i'd still say that they clearly haven't supplied what you were expecting them to

was it by any chance a nationwide company whose name might sound a bit like "angular"?

i can see what's happened.  they have put the ridge in the centre of the area that the roof covers, and the fact that there is only an overhang on one side means that if they have the glass all the same width, the centre won't be in the centre.  

i can't see any reason why you couldn't have it central, other than the geometry might prove a bit of a pain to work out.  but then you'd think that was done on computer these days.  i'm not a window installer though

Title: Re: New conservatory roof and windows don't line up
Post by woodsmith on Mar 11th, 2022, 7:50am

I agree it doesn’t look great but to fix this might involve building a whole new conservatory so they are obviously not going to easily accept responsibility. The trouble with many window firms is that the surveyor is really just a salesperson and will promise you anything to get a sale.

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