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Painting wooden floors (Read 1345 times)
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Re: Painting wooden floors
Reply #1 - Aug 5th, 2013, 9:27am
You always use most paint on the first coat, the second coat should use a lot less as it won't soak in the same. I think you have missed the chance of putting emulsion on the floor as it may well have worked directly on the timber but it won't grip to the varnish and will tend to make the next coat of varnish flake off. It may be possible to add a pigment to the Ronseal and you could ask at an outlet that has a paint mixing machine, but it would be bit of a disaster if it went wrong and I would just carry on with the Ronseal.
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Painting wooden floors
Aug 4th, 2013, 5:51pm
Hello everyone,

I've pulled up the awful carpet in my bedroom and am going to paint the floor white.

Although shabby chic is the look i'm going for, I was wondering whether I could sandwich a layer of emulsion between two layers of floor paint?

I bought Ronseal Diamond hard and I know it would come up thin as I've been all over the forums and reviews! However, it didn't cover as much as I thought it would and I've used half the tine already. Since I'm a bit skint I wondered whether I could put a layer of white (cheap) emulsion in the middle for the colour coverage and then put the second layer of the Ronseal on top for hardness and finish?

Thanks everyone!

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