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Solar Power (Read 7601 times)
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Solar Power
Apr 30th, 2004, 1:05pm
This one started with me wanting a pond pump about 30 metres from the house and on land we rent (it's part of a field next to the property). The easy solution would seem to be a solar kit but one idea leads to another...

Assuming we get the landowners permission, I could fit a solar panel to the roof of a shed we use which gets very good sunlight and I figure that I could charge a battery and not only run the pump but have some low volt lighting out there - perhaps nice when the hens are shut in or maybe even for a bbq if the sunlight is going down.

I think it's relatively easy to there but then I start thinking... we have a big pebble polisher that is never used. I think it's an induction motor - rated 0.25 bhp and 2.3A /240V. What would the feasability and cost be to run something like that in the summer months out there? I know I'd need an inverter but what else?  One thing with the polisher is when it's in use you don't want it stopping on a cycle which could be 2-3 days, otherwise you get a clogged mass of grit and stones.

It's a hair brained scheme, I know, one I don't think will ever be tried here, and one my guess is that would run into £thousands - far more than I'd be investing even if I had the money but I'm curious to see if anyone can propose a solution or ideas.

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