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Nov 15th, 2018, 2:42am
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Baxi Expansion Vessel substitution (Read 3982 times)
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Baxi Expansion Vessel substitution
Oct 11th, 2017, 5:57pm
Ok, an old chestnut...
The pressure on my old Baxi 105e drops like a stone once it reaches full temperature.  I put a jar under the outside overflow pipe and it fills up with H2O very quickly.  Suspected knackered Expansion Vessel therefore.  The only reason i can carry on using the boiler is i fitted a rigid filling loop so its easy to re-pressurize before starting up every time.  Many reasons why this is highly undesirable, not least that the system now has no inhibitor in it at all.

Three probably dumb questions - 1) if i fit an external Expansion Vessel running off a heating reaturn pipe (which i think i can do) - does that cut out the old knackered expansion vessel automatically if its still connected inside the casing ?  If the flow keeps going into the old one then i'll obviously keep losing the water.   2) - i don't get the route by which the water from the wrong side of the expansion vessel finds it way out to the overflow pipe and into my yard ?  3) And last, looking at new substitute expansion vessels i see there are ones without and ones with a whole 'Sealed System Kit', involving a manifold with a pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, and flexible hose and one-way valves etc.  Is that the better option ?  Looks complicated.

Many thanks in advance...no pressure  Grin
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